Restricted radio operator’s certificate for the GMDSS

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1.1       Scope

This course covers the mandatory minimum Radio communication and Radio operator requirements as set out in Regulation IV/1, IV/2 Section A-VI/2 Para 2,3 & 4.1.2, Table A-IV/2 of the STCW 1978 as amended.



1.2       Learning Objective

A trainee successfully completing this course and passing the prescribed examination should be able to operate efficiently the GMDSS equipment required the be fitted in sea area A1 and MF/HF Up to 100 km and to have primary responsibility for radio communications during distress, urgency, safety and routine incidents on such ships. Given the severe problems being experienced in the GMDSS as a result of the large number of false distress alert also is provided in techniques to avoid the unintentional transmission of false distress alerts and procedure to use in order to mitigate the effects of false distress alerts following unintentional transmission.


 1.3      purpose

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency required for GMDSS radio operators to carry out their radio duties.


1.4       COURSE Duration

            Total Duration = 48 hrs. 


1.5       Entry Standards / Learner staTUS

This course is open for:

  • Persons who are aged not less than eighteen (18) years old on the date of commencement of the course.




  • Persons who have completed an approved training programme as a Cadet or Rating


  • Participants shall be medically fit and should undergo a medical checkup by a SMSA approved medical practitioner and submit a medical report accordingly.